Honeymoon Registry
Gone are the days when married couples excitedly open their wedding gifts only to find three coffee makers, five toasters and a dozen wedding albums. Practical couples now register at a Bridal Registry or a Wedding Registry to get the exact gifts they want.

Moreover, practical and tech-savvy pairs opt for an online Gift registry like AGreatAffair. It saves users hours or even days of registering for gifts in stores, not to mention sparing them the trip through endless traffic and pollution. Gift registries are not just limited for weddings anymore. A novel idea that has been growing in popularity is theHoneymoon Registry. This works just like a traditional bridal registry, except that the gift given to the couple is cash which will be applied to the honeymoon trip rather than a mountain of traditional gifts such as towels and chinaware.

This type of Gift registry appeals to the modern couple who may already have all the goods they need before the wedding takes place. Shunning the formalities of china and silver, they opt for a more adventurous and memorable wedding gift from their guests. A Honeymoon registry breaks down the honeymoon into various components such as airfare, hotel, meals, sightseeing and activities. For each component, the honeymooning couple can indicate the cost of that gift and designate the increments (gift segments) that your guests can purchase.

For instance, a Hawaiian cruise may cost $1000.00.Couples may divide this into twenty $50.00 gift segments and let their wedding guests decide how many segments they should purchase. This enables gift-givers to have a more personal experience gifting towards specific items on the couple’shoneymoon registry. Not only does the honeymoon registryprovide the ideal travel arrangements, it also allows the honeymooners to plan each step of their important trip together, as well as enjoying the wedding ceremony without worrying about the cost of the trip.

Weddings can take months to plan and only lasts for a few hours. What most couples really look forward to is their honeymoon. At AGreatAffair, newlyweds will have their own complimentary webpage which they can customize. The company’s personnel will then send out email notifications to guests, inviting them to view the couple’s website and register. It is that simple!

For a stress-free honeymoon vacation, visit AGreatAffair at www.agreataffair.com today.

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