Baby Registry
The act of gift giving begins with a thought. Thinking about what would put that priceless smile on the recipient’s face when they open the gift occupies a big part of the process. Then there is traffic in getting to the store, crowded malls and too much commercialism to dampen your desire to shop for gifts. So how do we avoid all these pitfalls without taking the joy out of giving presents?

The concept of a Gift registry has been around to provide better options for us. The first Gift registry was created by a Chicago department store in the 1920’s. Since then, the same concept has been applied to other important milestones thus creating a Wedding Registry, Honeymoon Registry, and even a Baby registry as well.

As people grow more tech-savvy, an online gift registry like AGreatAffair has become a convenient way to register and shop for gifts. The company offers incomparable savings in time and mileage for both the giver and the recipient. For most people, they think the only time they will need a gift registry is for wedding gifts. In fact, newlyweds can avail of the same service as a Baby registry when they throw a baby shower in the future.

At AGreatAffair, not only could parents register for baby items, they can also register for a babysitter or a college fund. This is because AGreatAffair baby registry is actually a cash registry. This is great for parents who want a big ticket item or to experience their guests can purchase in increments. More expensive gifts can easily be shared by several guests without any coordination required.

To learn more about this innovative way of gift-giving, log on to and find other possible ways of using this service. You will discover that you can even customize a gift registry for any occasion.

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