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A Great Affair offers gift registry for all occasions. You can now register and create your own wish list for any occasion to give guests the opportunity to give the right gifts.

You can post what you want to receive so your family and friends can view them online. They will then have an idea what to give you. Thus, it saves them a lot of time and the stress of thinking what to give you that you would totally like.

Here are the gift registry available on A Great Affair:

  • Wedding registry – A list of wedding gifts that an engaged couple would like to have. Somewhat similar in nature to the popular bridal registry originally created, the wedding registry is used by guests to check what the couple want or need and what items they already have at home.

  • Baby registry – lists items that the parents need for their coming baby. It can be a bedroom accessory, crib, nursery lamp, grow charts, teething ring, baby strollers, layette, bathing and bedding items, feeding accessories, maternity and sleeping accessories.

  • Graduation registry – a gift registry for all your wishes now that you already graduated from high school or college. It may be a car, college tuition fee payments, etc.

  • Honeymoon registry – service engaged couples use to have their honeymoon paid for by wedding guests. It is a trendy alternative to a traditional wedding registry. A non-traditional registry taken by newlyweds to celebrate their honeymoon in full intimacy.

A Great Affair offers gift registry for virtually any occasion you can think of. It may be a big occasion or just a simple family occasion. All you have to do is register, create your own website, and make your wish list so that guests can start buying them. For more details log on to

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