A honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips in a lifetime. Make the most of it with an online honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon registry has become a very popular trend nowadays. Especially for older couples who already have dozens of kitchenware and silverware associated with traditional bridal registries and wedding registries.

Since its inception, honeymoon registries have evolved to match the needs and requirements of today’s couples. And presently, a new honeymoon registry was born through the innovative concept of a cash gift registry from AGreatAffair.

How does this new honeymoon registry work?

The new Honeymoon registry designed with the cash gift registry concept works like other traditional honeymoon registries. However, unlike traditional honeymoon registries, AGreatAffair’s honeymoon registry allows you to register for both traditional and non-traditional items.

Traditional items include kitchenware, bed sheets, etc. while non-traditional items include a honeymoon trip of the couple’s choice anywhere, a vacation to Boracay in the Philippines or even a tour to the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championships in Turkey.

To make this gift affordable for the couple’s gusts, AGreatAffair can break down the trip into various components. These can include airfare, accommodation, sight-seeing activities or honeymoon stopovers, meals, etc. Thus, the guests can choose a gift segment within their budget, making the gift-giving a more personal experience.

Since couples have registered for the gift they really wanted to have for their honeymoon, AGreatAffair’s honeymoon registry also takes out the guesswork in gift giving. It will be easier for your friends, family and guests to give you the gifts you really want or need while making sure that you do not receive multiples of the same gift!

With AGreatAffair’s honeymoon registry, you have the freedom to list the gifts that you really want while giving your guests the option to purchase the gift that you will truly appreciate.

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