Baby Registry
In western cultures, expecting a baby means throwing a baby shower as part of their tradition. Naturally, parents begin to feel excited over things that they want to buy or want to have for their baby. 

Yet in modern times, a baby registry – a gift registry that AGreatAffair offers – is the most preferred way to earn gifts of their choice. Taking advantage of a gift registry is essential, even if you are not planning on having a baby shower. By being registered, this allows friends and family to pick out gifts that you personally need or want or remove duplicate items that you might receive.     

When creating a baby registry, there are specific information necessary to facilitate both the searching phase and the gift choosing phase.

The parent’s names and other family members are needed for the searching phase, when guests need to search through the website or the gift registry from the range of search queries. This is very normal since usually the searcher only remembers the parent’s names or other family members.

The proposed name of the baby and its gender is very important for the gift choosing phase since many people select baby gifts based on names or gender.Some people may want to give gifts that have been personalized and citing the baby's name in the gift registry with the correct spelling can help guests a lot.

A baby color theme or the nursery color scheme enablespeople to choose certain decorations or color decorations for the baby or the nursery room. If you share your room theme and colors you will be more likely to get items you want. Remember that certain colors like green and yellow are considered as gender neutral.  

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