When you think of a gift registry, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely, it is a registry where you can write your wishlist for bridal or wedding gifts. However, did you know that you can use a gift registry for birthdays, graduations, holidays, retirements, anniversaries and any other special occasion?

Yes, however, there are two kinds of gift registries, the traditional and the modern gift registry.

The Difference

A traditional gift registry is created at a single store and therefore you are confined to the merchandises and products available in that particular store.

The modern or online gift registry allows you to register items that can be bought or found at different stores. You can list for whatever items or products you want to have. Your guests can also participate in making your dream vacation or honeymoon trip come true by giving cash.

A universal online gift registry even allows stores and the registry site to share information, providing you with additional convenience because your guests can view your page and check if someone had already bought the items they want to buy elsewhere.

Another popular type of nontraditional gift registry is the cash gift registry. This is a famous alternative to bridal and wedding couples who which to have a honeymoon trip or vacation as well as down payment for their new home and other personal gifts they want for their special occasion. With an online cash gift registry, expectant parents can even create a baby registry and list traditional gift items as well as an educational fund or register for a bridal registry.

You can also use an online gift registry to register for “green” gifts or charities that are close to your heart.

Whether you prefer traditional or nontraditional gifts, a gift registry can give you and your guests peace of mind and makes your party planning easier.

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