From weddings and baby showers to birthday parties and housewarmings, gift-giving is a common tradition. However, shopping for the right gift can be a daunting experience. Another challenge you may be facing is giving gifts that other guests have already given.

Thus online cash gift registry was born. Catering to these needs and helping you find the right gifts to give for any occasion. This is a great alternative to the traditional gift registry and the safe, easy-to-use service can save you time and eliminate stress.

So, what is a cash gift registry?

A cash gift registry is an online resource that allows you to give monetary gifts via the Internet. Although this is a relatively new idea, the convenience and peace of mind it offers makes the concept attractive. A cash gift registry provides a wonderful opportunity for you to give the gifts the receiver wants – whether it is golf lessons, a new home, home furnishings or even a puppy.

Why is it so popular?

Accessibility, convenience and simplicity are the main reasons an online cash gift registry is becoming popular to both registrants and gift-givers. Particularly in the wedding market, couples are getting married or remarry later in life and already have many of the usual wedding gifts.

With an online cash gift registry, instead of giving the same items to the celebrants or couples, you can view their web page and give the gifts they really want to have. For expensive gifts, you can give cash which will be converted to their desired gifts like a honeymoon trip, ballet lessons, downpayment on their new home, college tuition, vacations and more.

Best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

Why should you love and use an online cash gift registry?

In addition to the ability to participate in more creative gift-giving, you can appreciate the flexibility to give a gift in cash without paying tax, shipping and gift-wrap fees.

If you are ready to enjoy online cash registries or other registries like wedding registry or honeymoon registry, visit AGreatAffair at http://www.agreataffair.com/ and create an online registry today.

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