October 20, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California, USA – the leading online cash gift registry site in the web today – AGreatAffair – has offered wedding couples the option to register beyond traditional items for their honeymoon through their cash honeymoon registry.

Whether it is a honeymoon in Paris, a weekend in the Bahamas or a cruise in the Pacific, AGreatAffair honeymoon registry will make that dream honeymoon trip a reality!

So how does AGreatAffair make this possible?

By simply using the cash gift registry. Unlike a wedding registry or a bridal registry, a cash honeymoon registry allows couples to list the gifts they truly want.

AGreatAffair will then break down the honeymoon trip into gift segments that cover the trip’s airfare, hotel accommodation, honeymoon activities, meals, etc.

Through this option, the couple’s guests, friends and family makes it easier to choose the gift segment they want to fund, making the whole gift giving process more personalized, memorable and fun!

Aside from this innovative honeymoon registry concept, AGreatAffair has also provided couples with a customized webpage and event management tools. These tools maintained the look and feel of a traditional honeymoon registry while offering couples a personal twist.

With AGreatAffair cash honeymoon registry, guests can have peace of mind knowing that they made the couple’s momentous celebration by giving the right gift and satisfied couples with the gifts they truly want to receive on their special occasion.

To know more about AGreatAffair cash honeymoon registry, call on (310) 598-6697 or visithttp://www.agreataffair.com/

About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair is tailored to help guests and anyone who celebrates any  special occasion receive the gifts they wanted to have – whether it is a honeymoon trip, new home designs copyright payment, books, golf lessons, dream vacations and other traditional or nontraditional gifts. When a user creates a registry, they receive a complimentary webpage which can be customized to share information about the special occasion, as well as to provide their guests with an opportunity to RSVP, post a message in a guestbook and view the registry.

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