October 1, 2010 – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Online gift registry company – AGreatAffair has launched an alternative way to change the traditional honeymoon registry.

“Because people become more time-conscious and computer savvy, online gift registries are now becoming the most favored method to have gift registry service”, said AGreatAffair.

For couples who wished to have a memorable, fun and an extraordinary honeymoon, the online               honeymoon registry offered by AGreatAffair has the best possible methods for couples to achieve their dream honeymoon.

AGreatAffair has used the power of the internet to have the most convenient alternative to the typical honeymoon or wedding registry. This online registry allows couples to register any items they want while sitting in front of their computer and creating their entire registry via the internet.

The gift registry of AGreatAffair sets no limits to the items that the registrant wishes to include. When the registrant receives cash gifts from their guests, they can have the ability to shop around the best price on the items they want.

AGreatAffair honeymoon or wedding registry also allows items such as a honeymoon cruise or vacation or a down payment for a home to be included in the registry list. AGreatAffair allows the registrant to break down the price of the gift item into smaller segments that the guests can purchase.

Moreover, at AGreatAffair, registrants will have a personalized webpage which is used to pass information about the special occasion and eventually to request for cash gifts for the honeymoon registry.

For the fastest way to have a wonderful honeymoon registry, call (310)598-6697 or visit http://www.agreataffair.com/

About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair is a substitute to the traditional gift registry. They provide a fun and attractive way to announce a special occasion to friends and family and to request cash gifts towards the items they really want. Whether it is a birthday or wedding registry, AGreatAffair allows you to register for any kind of gift.

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