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TV episode downloadsDecember 07, 2010 – Los Angeles, California – AGreatAffair – a gift registry established by the FT Capital Group, LLC, offered a modern alternative to the traditional gift giving by providing gift registry services.

Among AGreatAffair gift registry services include honeymoon registry, wedding or bridal registry and baby registry that are considered to be alternatives to the traditional gift giving.

According to AGreatAffair these gift registry services provides a fun, stylish and tasteful way to announce a wedding or other special occasion to friends and family, as well as to request cash gifts towards the items listed on the registry.

AGreatAffair further added that the gift registry also allows people to register for traditional and untraditional gifts, for instance, a down payment for a home, a dream vacation or honeymoon and even golf lessons or repayment of student loans.

Besides providing advantages for the registrants, the gift registry also provided guests benefits on the guest’s part wherein it offered a more personal shopping experience, by enabling guests to purchase cash gifts towards a specific item, rather than simply handing over a check.

Plus, the gift registry also allowed to break down the price of each gift into "gift segments" that guests can purchase and later on send the cash gifts on the dates that the registrant has designated.

Furthermore AGreatAffair is tailored for use by anyone celebrating a special occasion, whether it is a wedding, new baby, graduation, birthday, bar mitzvah, or any other special event.

When users create a gift registry, they receive a complimentary webpage which can be customized to share information about the special occasion, as well as to provide guests with an opportunity to RSVP, post a message in a guestbook, and invite guests to view their registry.

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