October 1, 2010 – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – A Gift Registry Company – AGreatAffair has offered a free personal webpage for members who create a registry worth at least $300.

At AGreatAffair, creating a honeymoon registry, gift registry, wedding registry or bridal registry and having a webpage will not require the member to pay a service fee. AGreatAffair will only ask a service fee when a guest purchases a gift item on the member’s registry.

Regardless of the kind of registry the member has made, whether for a graduation, a wedding or even a bridal registry, the service fee will vary upon the amount of gift money from the guests.

When a member creates any type of registry such as honeymoon registry or bridal registry worth at least $300, the member will get a free personalized webpage, which is designed to share information about the member’s special occasion.

With this webpage, a member may invite people to visit their webpage and registry to inform the member’s friends and family about the special occasion. If the member has created a honeymoon registry, they will have the privilege to customize the webpage and put some content designs that relates to the couple’s honeymoon.

Furthermore, the personalized webpage also has an RSVP feature that tracks the guest’s attendance and guest’s responses which allows the member to have a full control.

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About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair is a registry company that provides a fun, smart and attractive way online to announce a special occasion to friends and family and to request cash gifts towards the items they really want. Whether it is a birthday or wedding registry, AGreatAffair can offer the best registry services.

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