October 1, 2010 – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – AGreatAffair online registry company has offered online cash gift registry to allow registrants and guests to save tremendous amounts of time and stress in buying the perfect gift.

The online cash registry of AGreatAffair allows people to give and receive monetary gifts through the Internet.  Whether it is a honeymoon registry or bridal registry, this is becoming the choice of both registrants and gift-givers because of its accessibility and simplicity. With this type of registry, a few clicks of a computer mouse allows people to send or receive gifts in the shortest time.

The cash registry offered by AGreatAffair includes any occasion with the most common being the wedding registry, bridal registry and honeymoon registry. All the registries provide wonderful opportunities to register any type of gift.

With the online cash registry, the registrants will have the privilege to list the items they wish to have. If it is for a baby, the parents can list education fund or a nursery furnishing as a gift. If it is a bridal or a honeymoon registry, couples can list a nice honeymoon trip or a down payment on a house.

Every gift listed can have a corresponding cost and/or assigned gift segments. Through gift segments, the gift givers or guests can easily choose and figure out what the registrant really wants.

In AGreatAffair online cash registry, the registrants can also have the option to receive cash from their guest which they can use to purchase gift items on the registry.

So for the easiest way to have the gift-giving process, create an online cash gift registry today, call (310)598-6697 or visit http://www.agreataffair.com/

About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair is a registry company that provides a fun, smart and attractive way online to announce a special occasion to friends and family and to request cash gifts towards the items they really want. Whether it is a birthday or wedding registry, AGreatAffair can offer the best registry services.

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