TV episode downloadsDecember 07, 2010 – Los Angeles, California – AGreatAffair – an alternative to the traditional gift registry resolved countless complaints regarding constraints of traditional non-online gift registries by releasing a beta version of

With the beta version of AGreatAffair, it provided the best option to the typical wedding registry.

According to AGreatAffair, people were frustrated because no single honeymoon registry provided everything that they wanted and they were forced to register at several different stores.

Founders of AGreatAffair wedding registry further added that another major complaint was that people wanted to purchase "big ticket items" especially for weddings, however, those were too expensive for a single guest person to gift.

Furthermore, many people also wanted the option to register for charitable contributions or life experiences such as an island getaway or African safari.

To resolve such bridal registry issues, creators of AGreatAffair Gift Registry came up with the following solutions like: providing for everything that people wanted and register to a single gift registry, breaking down the price of each gift into "gift segments" so that guests may be able to purchase “big ticket items” as well as offering a secure online cash gift registry experience that eliminates unwanted gifts and simplifies the gift-giving process.

"With AGreatAffair Gift Registry, rather than being limited to the items a particular store has in stock, users can register for any gift imaginable and guests purchase gift segments towards the gifts, making the experience much more personal for guests than simply giving a check as a wedding gift," stated Jan Tadros, SVP at

Tadros further added that users were given the total freedom to decide when and where to purchase their gift items as well as provided the guests the chance to participate in gifts they otherwise may not have been able to afford.

AGreatAffair offers a multi gift registry services including bridal or honeymoon registry, baby registry and a lot more for anyone celebrating a particular special occasion.

For more details of AGreatAffair, visit

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