February 17, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California – AGreatAffair.com – an innovative website providing online registry services, provided numerous users the chance to create a gift registry for special occasions. Some of the special occasions that registries were used for were birthdays, baby showers, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, retirements and evenholidays.

Special occasions to friends and family members were announced in a stylish and fun way with registries such as wedding registry or baby registry. At Agreataffair, users were able to easily create a registry by just filling in an online registration form. Once this was done, the registry would be ready to be edited.

A traditional gift registry was limited tothe number of items that could be placed on the list of gifts since specific items at a particular store usually had limited stock. Unlike traditional gift registries, an online gift registry had a lot of features that made it more attractive to users.

Creating a gift registry with Agreataffair opened up new options for the users. A traditional gift registry was mainly created for a single store. With an online gift registry, the user was able to register at several stores. The user had more options in choosing gifts for the list on the online registry.

With an online gift registry, it was easier for guests or visitors to decide on which gift to buy for the occasion or event.

To plan for the gifts a wedding, many couples had made a wedding registry with Agreataffair. The couples were offered with options of selecting items from hardware stores, supermarkets, jewelry stores, decor stores, and other types of store. The couples were not confined in the choices offered unlike a traditional wedding registry.

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About Agreataffair

Agreatafair is an online registry website that gives users the experience of creating a stylish and fun registry for various special occasions such as a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, birthday graduation, holiday, and charitable giving event.  Create a registry, get a complimentary webpage, and share the special occasion to friends, family members, and guests for a more memorable occasion.

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