Honeymoon Registry
February 26, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California – AGreatAffair.com – an online registry website that works in providing a fun and stylish way of announcing special occasions to family members, friends, visitors and guests provided a more personal planning experience for special occasions with the gift registry feature available on their website.

People who were planning for an event by using a gift registry experienced an easier event planning process. The registry made the planning process easier because of the many benefits that a registry such as wedding registry or baby registry offered to its user.

Some of the many benefits that a gift registry offered to its users were that it provided a fun and stylish way to let guests, visitors, friends and family members know about the special occasion. To create a pleasant experience in creating and managing a registry, Agreataffair designed the website to be simple and fun to use for both the user and the visitors of the gift registry.

On the website, users created a gift registry where a list of all the gifts that they would receive for the event would be listed. The items listed on the registry did not need to be gifts for the users who created the registry. The list of gifts posted on the gift registry could also be for another person or for the celebration of a certain special occasion.

For example, an online registry created for a wedding allowed the couple to select items for the wedding, make the gift giving-process easier, and manage gift purchases to prevent duplicate presents just like a traditional wedding registry. However, an online gift wedding registry offered more flexibility in selecting items. The online wedding registry also became more secure with the use of encryption and other security software.


For more information about how to create a registry for a special occasion, please visit http://www.agreataffair.com/

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