August 16, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California – AGreatAffair providedits honeymoon registry with very affordable service fee charges for each billing option, plus, a complimentary webpage to announce and inform others about their special occasion.

The honeymoon bridal registry has been provided with two service fee schemes that are the Bill to Guest Option and Bill to Me Option.

For every option chosen, AGreatAffair only collected a 7% maximum service fee. The service fee is based on the price of the gift listed on the registry.

For the Bill to Guest Option, AGreatAffair billed each guest a 7% service fee as agreed from the honeymoon registry terms and condition. 

So for instance, if a guest gave the couple a $100 cash gift, the guest was charged a $7 service fee so the guest paid a total of $107. The couple gets the $100 deposited into their honeymoon registry account and AGreatAffair gets the $7 fee.

For the Bill to Me Option, the guest’s cash gift was deducted with the7% service charge.

So, if a guest endowed a member with a $100 cash gift, the honeymoon registry deducted a fee of $7 from the $100 gift. The couple then got $93.

Thus, the 7% gift registry service fee was very affordable and reasonable for the processing service of the cash gift through the member’s account.

On the other hand, if a registrant created any wedding registry or honeymoon registry worth at least $300, the registrant is entitled to have a complimentary webpage. 

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About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair offers a more personal and fun way of registering for honeymoons and other special occasions with their gift registry services. With a Honeymoon registry, couples can register for wedding necessities which might consist of honeymoon location, a dreamwedding, or their wedding budget. Couples are free to include any gift item they want on their registry. The registries can include airfare, hotel, sightseeing trips, tours and meals or just about anything that can be suggested.

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