October 26, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California – AGreatAffair – an all in one gift registry website that has been providing its users multiple gift registries as well as the advantages of using it like no other gift registry can possibly do.


AGreatAffair is based in California and has been catering to almost every gift registry need like a baby registry and other gift registry for every special occasion people can think of.


Aside from offering diverse gift registry options, AGreatAffair also provided its members advantages of using the gift registry over other traditional registries.


AGreatAffair has made it quick and easy for its users to create a gift registry of their choice. Members can list the gifts that they want to appear on their gift registry with countless sources of gift items and online stores to choose from.

Members of AGreatAffair were able to break down the prices of each gift on their gift registry into “gift segments” for their guests.

A complimentary website was offered to its members that have signed up for a gift registry with gifts worth $300 and above.

The complimentary webpage enabled family, friends, and guests to respond to the invitation, post a message in a guestbook, and look at the gift registry.

To create a gift registry, please visit http://www.agreataffair.com/ and take a look at some of the samples there.

About AGreatAffair

AGreatAffair provides a fun and stylish way to announce a wedding or other special occasion to friends and family and to request cash or other gifts listed on the registry. It is a cash gift registry that looks like and feels just like the traditional gift giving but only in a more modern way of gift endowment. The gift registry enables its users to receive gifts of their choice in a tasteful way.

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