December 16, 2010, – Beverly Hills, California, USA – A Great Affair – the best site for wedding registry and baby registry offers cash registry as a gift registry.

A Great Affair offers cash registry as gift registry as an alternative, safe, and easy-to-use service. Cash registry can really help guests save time and decreases stress.  It is actually an online resource that allows people to send and received money via the internet.

Cash registry is a lot better than the traditional registry because people can register everything, unlike in traditional registry that they are only limited to the items in the stock of a particular merchant. In cash registry people can register items that cannot be purchased in a store like down payment for a new house, a dream vacation, money to pay for school debts, plane tickets for a honeymoon or vacation and a whole lot more.

A Great Affair also offers gift registry for all occasions. It can be a wedding registry, baby registry, graduation registry, bridal registry, honeymoon registry and any other occasions. Their main goal is to alleviate the difficult gift giving experience for those people involved, especially for a wedding registry. Instead of guessing what the engaged couple want as their gifts, friends and guests can go directly online and view items that the couple wish to receive.

Also, guests can view items the couples already bought or received in the past which decreases the possibilities of buying the same said items.

When people create a registry with A Great Affair, they get a complimentary webpage. They can even customize their website that provide guests an opportunity to RSVP, view their registry, post messages and plan on the gift registry.

So for more information about cash gift registry, log on to

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