If you are one of those couples who want to avoid getting traditional wedding gifts such as kitchen items, candlesticks, bath towels, linens or pillows, a honeymoon registry of AGreatAffair can definitely help you.

As couples who are about to start a new life together, an amazing honeymoon destination would probably be the best way to spend your honeymoon holiday.

Whether you want a romantic getaway on a pacific island or a memorable rough country adventure, with the honeymoon registry of AGreatAffair, your family and friends can turn this dream into reality.

Another important advantage of this gift registry is that it helps your wedding guest to decide which gift you want to receive.

The honeymoon registry at AGreatAffair works just like a traditional registry. The only difference is that the gift can either be a unique honeymoon gift or simply cash for the couple. Also, every gift can be broken down into price segments so guests can collectively give to a specific gift.

A honeymoon registry also allows the honeymooning couple to enjoy the wedding ceremony without worrying about storing and opening the gifts.

This registry allows you to break down your honeymoon into different components. This is useful for such gifts as airfare, hotel, meals, sightseeing, and other activities. This makes your wedding guests or gift-givers to have a more personal experience in gifting towards specific items on your honeymoon registry.

Furthermore, AGreatAffair registry is not just about honeymoon and wedding registry, they also provide bridal registry and other registries for other occasions like birthdays and graduations.

For more efficient and convenient ways of getting registry services, AGreatAffair registries include a free webpage which allows you to share information about the special occasion. Thus, your friends will eventually be informed about the gift you wish to have.

To experience a memorable honeymoon registry, call (310)598-6697 or visit http://www.agreataffair.com/

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