August 16, 2010 – Beverly Hills, California – AGreatAffair – has proven to outlast traditional gift registries through honeymoon registry at as a modern way to ask for cash and other gifts from family, friends, and guests.

A honeymoon registry has proven to serve as an alternative and contemporary way for couples to ask for gifts of their choice.

Like its counterparts in AGreatAffair’s wedding registry  and bridal registry, the honeymoon registry can showcase its reasons why using a cash registry has advantages over any traditional gift registry.

First, couples were not limited to a single retailer’s selection or price and can register for other stuff that was not in the honeymoon bridal registry list.

Thus, couples were allowed to register for anything like a honeymoon dream vacation, a down payment for a new house, etc.

Second, couples were able to register for any items they needed or wanted, expensive or not, which their guests could purchase in increments.

In contrast with the traditional gift registry, AGreatAffair allowed couples to break down the price of each gift item, particularly those that were a bit costly, into smaller increments.

For instance, if the couple wanted a $3,000 wide screen LCD TV they had been eyeing, guests can purchase it with increments amounting to $50 each person. Thus, purchasing had become a gift sharing experience among several guests without any coordination made by them.

Lastly, AGreatAffair Honeymoon registry allowed couples to ask for cash or other gifts in a polite and graceful way, and personalized the experience for their friends and family.

AGreatAffair made the experience an elegant and personal one by enabling their guests to give precise gifts for couples.

AGreatAffair honeymoon registry made the whole process more meaningful than just buying from traditional gift registries.

To create a honeymoon registry, log on to

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